Create & Share Quotes that close more deals.

Give your team the tools they need to close more deals and get paid faster.

Track when quotes are viewed, accepted and signed online.

Create quotes in a few clicks.

Click to insert contacts and products, route information and other fields and generate quotes in a couple of clicks.

Duplicate previous quotes for similar orders and return customers.

Stay on top of your deals with ease.

View & Accept Tracking

Recipient analytics lets you know if your buyer has viewed your quote online. Buyers can accept the quote directly within the platform, letting you know immediately when a deal is about to go ahead.

Communicate more efficiently with comments

Buyers can leave comments to request changes or ask questions on a document. IncoDocs will automatically notify them if you reply or make adjustments to a document.

Say goodbye to copy and paste

Buyers can convert your Quote into a Purchase Order at the click of button and have it sent back to you in seconds. No data re-entry required. 

You’ll even be able to convert their Purchase Order directly into a Proforma Invoice.

Activity thread of buyer and seller negotiating on quote
Convert quotes into proforma invoices

Quote to Proforma in a zap

1-Click Proforma

When your buyer is ready to move ahead with the deal, you can convert your Quote into a Proforma Invoice and send it to them in seconds.

You don’t need to re-create the document or enter it into another system. It’s all right there.

Everyone in our team are now connected and following the same process. The shared workspace gives everyone in the company insight into our export sales and shipments.

Ben Groenhout Supply Chain Manager at MiiR

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