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Streamline your Purchasing process. Connect with your suppliers to share, accept and countersign Purchase Orders, Sales Contracts & Proforma Invoices, 100% online.

Accepted with a click

Suppliers click to accept your Purchase Order and send a Proforma Invoice back to you.  Click to pay supplier invoices by Credit Card, ACH or T/T SWIFT transfer, 100% online.

When suppliers share a Quote through IncoDocs, buyers can accept and create a Purchase Order in 1-click to share back to the supplier.

Countersign digitally

Don’t let your deal speed be held up by the print, scan, send process.

Get legally binding signatures, counter-signatures and stamps on your documents in a matter of seconds.

Add company seal to documents online.
Activity thread of buyer and seller negotiating on quote

A Modern Solution to Old Problems

IncoDocs gets your invoicing done, without the problems of doing it manually:

  • Not having to enter data multiple times. Once you enter the information once for a shipment (such as on a quote), you can have that information automatically filled in other documents. Contacts, products, shipping lines – everything.
  • Know where a deal is up to in real time. When was that document sent? Has it been viewed? IncoDocs knows the answers to these questions, so you can stay on top of all your deals in a few clicks.
  • Based in a secure cloud. Pull up your documents where ever there is an internet connection – you don’t need to be in the office to run your business.

Everyone in our team are now connected and following the same process. The shared workspace gives everyone in the company insight into our export sales and shipments.

Ben Groenhout Supply Chain Manager at MiiR

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