Create compliant export documents in 1 place.

Eliminate manual data re-entry. Connect your team to create and manage your shipping documents in 1 place.

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Export documents

in half the time.

Generate more than 14 different export documents like Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, VGMs and SLIs with ready-to-go compliant templates.

Eliminate costly human errors.  Click to copy previous shipments to save your team even more time.

Save your contacts, products and other information to insert into your documents in a few clicks.

Keep your export documents in sync.

Enter your information in 1 Master Screen then generate the shipping documents that are required.

When updates are made, data will automatically sync to all shipping documents.

Need custom documents?  We can custom build a solution to suit your business.

Packing List Template

Convert Invoices into Shipments.

When deals are confirmed, click to convert Invoices into Shipments then create all shipping documents that are required.

All data is transferred to eliminate data re-entry.

Everyone in our team are now connected and following the same process. The shared workspace gives everyone in the company insight into our export sales and shipments.

Ben Groenhout Supply Chain Manager at MiiR

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